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Engineers Navigating the Pitch: Crafting Compelling Narratives for Investors

Engineers Navigating the Pitch: Crafting Compelling Narratives for Investors

2023 06 19 duedileg 01As the third quarter begins, we at TGS Tech are gearing up for a significant milestone as we begin the preparation process towards the next stage of funding, our first series funding round. The meticulous groundwork undertaken to reach this stage involves finalizing our new business plan, collaborating with seasoned advisors and investors, both official and unofficial, who have been instrumental in guiding us through this pivotal phase. 

The Due Diligence process:
This pivotal phase involves meticulous groundwork, from finalizing our cutting-edge business plan to collaborating closely with a network of esteemed advisors and investors, both official and unofficial, who have played an instrumental role in guiding us through this crucial process.

The completion of the due diligence and a comprehensive audit process marks a significant milestone as we gear up for the next several steps in our business trajectory. Navigating the depths of an investor audit required a thorough approach, where transparency and clarity are paramount. We have diligently provided the crucial information investors seek, including a robust business plan, detailed documentation of corporate meetings, immaculate financial records, and a demonstration of organizational efficiency.

Clear and organized documentation:
On the technical front, we recognize the significance of presenting clean documentation to investors, encapsulating our development history spanning three decades. Our journey, marked by contributions to in-house engines, Gamebryo, Unreal, HeroEngine, P3D, and Esenthel Engine, has profoundly shaped our vision for the groundbreaking Apex Engine. Each experience has been a lesson learned, contributing to the reservoir of knowledge that informs every aspect of Apex Engine's design, from functionality to the user interface.

Established credibility:
At the heart of our approach lies the establishment of credibility, a cornerstone achieved through our rich work history, employer track record, and professional references for collaborative projects. This not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also instills confidence in the investors who place their trust in TGS Tech.

The Pitch Deck:
Our next business milestone is creating a new up to date pitch deck for investors, which is both a strategic necessity and a testament to our growth. Over the last 6 months, we've learned the pivotal role a clean pitch deck plays in conveying our vision to potential investors. The landscape has shifted, demanding a delicate blend of data and marketing finesse. 

As engineers navigating this new terrain, the transition from presenting cold facts to crafting a compelling story has proven challenging. In an era where storytelling eclipses mere statistics, we find ourselves at the intersection of technical prowess and the art of persuasion. It's a paradigm shift, urging us to not just present our journey but to narrate it in a way that resonates with those who hold the keys to our next phase.

Looking forward:
The culmination of our experiences, both individual and collective, serves as a crucible for lessons learned, establishing the foundation for Apex Engine's design. As we move forward towards the next phase of our journey, TGS Tech is not merely developing an engine; we are pioneering the future of interactive technology. With great enthusiasm, we look forward to commencing work on our prototype and preparations for the Apex Engine MVP by the third quarter of 2024. The road ahead is exciting, and TGS Tech is poised to make significant strides in revolutionizing the landscape of interactive platforms.

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