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Solutions & Development

Explore Our Diverse Application Solutions, Services, and Development Applications for a Broad Range of Industry Needs.



PaaS and IaaS empower developers to build, deploy, and manage applications on-demand. Leverage our expertise in deploying complex architectures on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for streamlined projects.

Application Development

Decades of application development of complex client-server applications spanning AI, Web Services, 3D rendering, Databases, Scalable server architectures supporting hundreds of thousands in 3D environments.

Enterprise Rendering

World-class developers skilled in rendering, shaders, and physics for 3D real-time applications. Diverse experience includes Microsoft, DirectX, Vulcan, AMD, education, civil applications, and game development teams.


AI Integration

Project Access

Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based architecture enables global product access, ensuring customers reach the latest version anywhere in the world.

Shared Central Space

Efficient feature development with shared environments, ensuring uniform visual and code experiences for collaborative efforts.

Easy Access Anywhere

Connect to development environments from any location, be it a beach or office, to experience the latest updates and versions.

AI Integrations

Machine Learning AI

AI-enhanced 3D app adapts to user input, optimizing interactions, accelerating development through learned behaviors.

AI Code Assist

AI Code Assist predicts and suggests domain-specific elements for building scalable 3D applications in Apex Engine.

Procedural 3D Generation

Enhanced digital artistry through procedural generation, up-scaling, and more, optimizing terrain and art creation efficiency.


Scalable Workflow

Customizable workflows for teams of any size. Utilize plugins from partners or internal solutions for flexibility.

Version Control

User-controlled version control is seamlessly integrated with our Live-Real-Time capabilities for easy tracking, updates, and changes.

Live-Real-time Updates

WYSIWYG for 3D app development, akin to Google Docs collaboration. Make instant changes while interacting with clients.


Server & Networking

High scalable server, optimized networking integrated with render engine and AI, offering a comprehensive solution.

Render Engine

Modern render engine incorporates latest graphical technologies with forward-looking development for future advancements.

Machine Learning

ML and AI are intrinsic to Apex Engine, not add-ons. We train machines using data, rendering, code, collaboration, and user system interactions.


Real-time Monitoring

Track application updates and issues in real-time, know when problems arise to quickly resolve issues before they impact customers.

Rolling Application Updates

Easily push the latest version of your application between development, staging, test and live environments and just as easily revert them.

Automated Testing

Effortlessly automate tests, execute during rolling updates, and instantly view success or failure in environments.


Infrastructure as Code

Dynamically expand application environments for rapid testing or optimization, ensuring precise resources without unnecessary costs.

Continuous Deployment

Speed up development by promoting tested changes through environments without pipeline blockages from other changes.

Continuous Monitoring

Receive real-time notifications for application service issues and security risks, enabling proactive resolution before escalation.

Continual Integration/Delivery

Version Control Automation

Increase reliability and efficiency through code analysis, automated testing and deployment as new versions are committed to source control.

Live Graphical Pipeline

Real-time collaborative environments like Apex Engine provide constant updates, ensuring users always see the current version.

Live Code Pipeline

Code changes instantly communicated to all connected users in an environment, ensuring everyone operates on the latest version.


Encrypt Cloud Data

Assure data safety with encryption, safeguarding both transmitted information over the internet and stored data on servers.

Enforce Data Loss Prevention

Fine-grained permissions limit data access; advanced monitoring tracks sensitive data, ensuring security and privacy control.

Monitor Collaborative Sharing

Monitor data sharing with integrated systems, controlling shared data through fine-grained permissions for unique product needs.

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