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HeroEngine Legacy

HeroEngine, developed by our engineers in 2003, remained influential, paving the way for the Apex Engine, advancing gamified development globally.


HeroEngine first developed by the tallented team under Simutronics

Industry Problem Solving ➨

Under Simutronics, the team faced the typical problems of slow development and costly downtimes. Collaborative development in a single environment was the solution.

Ground Breaking Solution ➨

Under Simutronics, HeroEngine provided all of the nesssesary tools needed to simpify the process from development, to post production, together in a single real-time environment

The First Collaborative Platform ★

Originally released and licensed in 2005, HeroEngine quickly gained popularity in both B2B and B2C markets. Now, the team has come together to launch the next evolution: Apex Engine!


HeroEngineLogo 01HeroEngine, The Legacy

HeroEngine, our legacy software, was developed by our talented team beginning at Simutronics in 2003. Despite it changing hands a few times, the dedicated engineers and developers stayed with HeroEngine as it stood as a game-changer in the world of online game development, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and features that streamlined the entire process.


1Cloud-Based Real-time Collaboration Made Easy
HeroEngine facilitated seamless collaboration among teams by allowing them to edit in the same live environment, regardless of geographical location. Integrated tools like SpeedTree and FaceGen empowered developers to bring their visions to life efficiently.


1Why People Chose HeroEngine
HeroEngine stood out as the only all-in-one development platform designed specifically for online games. By handling server development and maintenance tasks, it allowed developers to focus solely on game creation. Moreover, its integrated billing system simplified management, providing an all-in-one package for developers.


1Key Features and Benefits
HeroEngine empowered developers to create together in real-time, eliminated barriers to collaboration, facilitated professional-grade game creation hosted in the cloud, and streamlined the publishing process, enabling faster deployment.


1Removing Risk and Cost from Game Development
HeroCloud, the backbone of HeroEngine, removed the risk and cost from online game development by covering all hosting and bandwidth costs. Integrated project management tools like DreamManager further enhanced efficiency and collaboration.


1DreamManager and Whiteboarding Features
DreamManager streamlined project oversight, allowing Supervisors to monitor progress and customize reporting. Tasks seamlessly reassigned during personnel changes, ensuring smooth workflow. Integrated with HeroEngine Notes, it enhanced collaboration, streamlining decision-making for AAA Massive Multiplayer projects.


1HeroEngine Conclusion
HeroEngine transformed game development with its all-in-one solution, enabling efficient creation, management, and deployment of online games. Its real-time collaborative platform, integrated tools, and robust support empowered developers, whether indie or part of larger studios, to succeed in the evolving development landscape.


icon apexThe Nest Step Forward: Apex Engineicon apex
As HeroEngine paves the way as a legacy in the history of game development, the torch has been passed to the Apex Engine, representing the next evolution of gamified development, promising even greater advancements and opportunities for game and 3D interactive creators worldwide.