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Improve Production and Scalability

From design concept through development and publishing future-proof assets, our dedication is to assist developers in concentrating on their product. Our focus centers on the process of constructing from a high-level model or concept, incorporating complexities, and refining lower-level optimal details.

Meet Our Leadership Team

With over 30 years experience individually, our team of expert developers focuses on quality and personalized development to bring your project to life.

Sarrene Miller

CEO & Founder

Christopher Larsen

CTO, Co-Founder

James Kerich

CFO, Accountant

Amanda Romig

Exectutive manager

Ronald Farrel

Principal Application Engineer

Herb Marselas

Principal Graphics Engineer

Bennett Marschner

Lead Technical Artist

Joseph Stan

Chief Financial Officer

Sr. Network Engineer

Aaron Weddle

Support Services

Andrew Levetown

Legal Council

Gerald Newman

Finance Advisor

Improve Production and Scalability.

Our Mission: To inspire and nurture the creativity in all projects through gamification.

How we do it: TGS develops, supports, and stewards technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, innovation, and production.

Forward Development

Our emphasis is on forward-facing development, indicating a strategic focus on building and advancing software solutions that are oriented toward the future.

Quality 3D Development

From design concept, development and publishing future-proof assets our dedication is to help developers focus on their product.

Customer Commitment

Customer commitment is the steadfast dedication to meeting customer needs, prioritizing satisfaction, and fostering loyalty, resulting in sustained business growth and trust.

Working as a Team

Our dedication to working as a team is unwavering, emphasizing collaboration, open communication, and a shared commitment to achieving collective success.

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