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While pursuing his Electrical Engineering degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1985, Ron embarked on his programming journey, starting with Pascal and later transitioning to C/C++. Throughout his career at Duke Energy, he leveraged software to solve various challenges both professionally and at home. Concurrently, Ron developed a passion for computer games, sparking his interest in game development technology. This fascination prompted him to create his game engine, driven by a desire to understand the intricacies of game programming. 

However, after years of developing an engine using DirectX 9, Ron recognized the limitations of this approach. He realized that focusing solely on engine development would hinder his ability to create games. Consequently, he shifted his focus to commercially available game engines, enabling him to pursue game development more effectively without the perpetual demands of engine development. This strategic pivot allowed Ron to channel his energy into actualizing his creative vision for gaming projects.

Simultaneously, Ron developed a deep interest in computer games, prompting him to explore game engine development to understand the technology behind gaming. After creating his engine using DirectX 9, he recognized the need to pivot towards commercially available game engines to focus on game creation rather than perpetual engine development. This decision paved the way for him to join Sarrene Miller at Triad Games in 2009, where he contributed to the development of the MMORPG, Dark Relic, while balancing his career in the energy sector.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ron finds joy in sports, reading, attending rock concerts, and cherishing moments with his wife, Kelly. His journey reflects a harmonious blend of technical expertise, creative passion, and a commitment to solving real-world challenges, exemplifying his multifaceted approach to life and work.