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Our Story: TGS TECH and Apex Engine


Originating from industry collaborations, the team with backgrounds from Microsoft, Bethesda, and Simutronics developed the first engine for with true collaboration.

The Story

In the heart of the ever-evolving tech landscape, the story of Apex Engine unfolds, a tale woven with threads of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The journey begins over 20 years ago with a group of visionary minds, with diverse backgrounds from companies like Duke Energy, Microsoft and Bethesda, who shared a dream of transforming software development. Each team had unique experience and ideas that would soon merge and take the form of something totally new.

Simutronics and TGS:
A collaborative engine, initially conceived within Simutronics, took shape as Hero’s Journey in 2004. Aiming to facilitate global, real-time collaboration and break down barriers for developers, the platform found its roots in enhancing communication among development teams, testers, and independent developers. Triad Game Studios (TGS), driven by a commitment to accessibility, licensed HeroEngine, and joined forces in 2008, officially partnering with Simutronics.

The road wasn't without challenges, but a turning point came with the introduction of HeroCloud in 2009, revolutionizing collaborative landscapes with significant cost and time savings.

TGS and Idea Fabrik:
Idea Fabrik acquired HeroEngine in 2010, yet the challenges for the team continued. As Idea Fabrik Studios faced financial difficulties in 2015, TGS absorbed their engineers in 2016, maintaining a commitment to the technology. The narrative evolved with a Common Control Agreement in 2019, supporting ongoing projects like The Repopulation.

The culmination of this partnership led to a new venture with metaEngine, a subsidiary of Idea Fabrik, in late 2021. The goal was ambitious – merging HeroEngine and P3D technologies into a unified platform. By the close of 2022, TGS concluded this collaboration due to a difference in business and development direction, marking the genesis of Apex Engine in early 2023.

TGS and Apex Engine
July 2023 heralded the official commencement of Apex Engine's development. Armed with two decades of experience and lessons from P3D, Esenthel Development, and HeroEngine, TGS embarked on a journey to create a forward facing real-time collaborative platform from scratch. The vision extended beyond the present, embracing disruptive creativity and forward-facing developments.

In the dynamic realm of application development, TGS has stood as a community of innovators. Their commitment to continual learning, disruptive creativity, and forward-thinking innovation propelled them toward new horizons. An invitation was extended to others to join our exhilarating journey into the future.

Forward Facing Innovation:
As Apex Engine takes shape, it encapsulates not just the story of a platform but a saga of resilience, commitment and collaboration. The past became a foundation, the present a canvas for disruptive creativity, and the future a realm of limitless possibilities. It was a narrative where challenges were opportunities, innovations were the driving force, and success was an ongoing journey into the ever-evolving world of technology.



Q2: Hero's Journey Begins

Early engine development began to produce an MMORPG, called Hero's Journey, with an in-house engine to solve costly time-consuming issues

Q3: HeroEngine Alpha: Bioware

Simutronics licenses HeroEngine to Bioware

Q1: Engine Design Begins

TGS begins development of P3D (Platform 3D), taking our prior development and engineering experiences to build a real-time game engine

Q4: HeroEngine Alpha: Zenimax

Zenimax announced a partnership with Simutronics to license their HeroEngine

Q2: P3D Development

TGS begins R&D for P3D game engine development

Q2: Triad Game Studios

TGS licensed HeroEngine while collaborating alongside Simutronics. Q3: Officially incorporated as an LLC

Q3: Idea Fabrik Aquires HeroEngine

Idea Fabrik acquires HeroEngine and some of the engineers to build London and Farmer3D

Q1: P3D Prototype

P3D development officially kicks off with prototype and partnership

Q2: TGS Tech Aquires New Engineers

TGS hires HeroEngine engineers, partners w/ Idea Fabrik for HeroEngine 2 (Beta)

Q1: P3D and HE Partnership

TGS partnered with Idea Fabrik for new merged development, protecting our IP rights

Q4: metaEngine Contract

Idea Fabrik contracted TGS for a white label to license for the new engine, while we secured our IP rights

Q3: ApexEngine Protoype

Apex Engine design initiated, foundational work begins in Q2 on our Prototype
2024 Milestone

Q3: Prototype Preview

Prototype preview and Apex Engine Alpha development begins