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Amanda Romig embarked on her journey with TGS Tech in April of 2017, stepping into the pivotal role of Design Manager. Entrusted with overseeing game and content management, her responsibilities spanned across design, quality assurance, and documentation duties.


Before joining TGS, Amanda's passion for storytelling propelled her towards lore writing, where she meticulously crafted intricate narratives to enrich gaming and virtual worlds. Her immersion in the gaming community extended to serving as a game master, orchestrating captivating adventures and challenges for players to immerse themselves in. 


During her early tenure in quality assurance testing for esteemed gaming studios, Amanda Romig acquired invaluable insights into the intricate mechanics and user experiences that define successful games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Aion. This experience led her to her first starting role at TGS Tech as a contractor, where she assists with content and game mechanic design, as well as debugging. She played an important role in content design and creation for the project, leveraging her expertise to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.


Joining TGS presented Amanda with an opportunity to seamlessly merge her creative background with the dynamic realm of technology. As Design Manager, she led projects with finesse, ensuring the harmonious integration of design elements with technical functionality. Her dedication and contributions were duly recognized, leading to her promotion to Senior Executive Assistant Manager in September 2022. In this elevated role, Amanda has embraced new challenges, collaborating closely with senior leadership to optimize operations and drive strategic initiatives forward. Committed to maximizing the company's potential and fostering collective success, she continues to chart a course towards excellence.