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Aaron Weddle's passion for gaming ignited at a young age, particularly within the realm of MMORPGs and Everquest, where he delved into exhaustive research on quests and spells. This early immersion laid the foundation for Aaron's extensive gaming journey, spanning fifteen years of dedicated experience within the complex universe of EVE Online and other games.


From his formative years, Aaron has displayed an insatiable curiosity and love for learning, driven by a desire to understand the inner workings of systems and phenomena. This innate curiosity led him to volunteer as a GM on numerous private servers, where he discovered a newfound enjoyment in providing support, both in terms of development and community engagement.


Subsequently, Aaron's attraction to emerging technology and industry trends motivated him to delve into researching and staying abreast of developments across various sectors. He dedicated himself to understanding changes within industries and the emergence of new technologies in the market, ranging from modern hardware advancements to the evolving landscape of AI development and applications.


Aaron's journey at TGS began with volunteering, where he quickly showcased his talents and dedication, eventually earning a full-time position within the company. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated a relentless commitment to expanding his knowledge, not only in technology but also in business realms. Eager to continue his professional growth, Aaron remains steadfast in his pursuit of learning, development and advancing support services within the industry with TGS Tech.