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While studying Biology and German at Saint Olaf College in Minnesota, Christopher discovered his fascination with computers and online gaming starting with the text based Multi-user Dungeons (MUDs) interacting with some of the key early developers of the industry who later lead efforts at Electronics Arts, Bioware and other gaming development companies.  These interactions lead him to switch his career track to focus on computers teaching himself through journals, computer science books and good old fashioned practice at the keyboard.


A few years later, Christopher joined Simutronics to work on their flagship text-based games Gemstone and DragonRealms which in turn lead into work on the development of a revolutionary collaborative real-time 3D engine (the predecessor technology to Apex Engine).  Always at home with code, the ability to create and modify game worlds on the fly has always fascinated him with the possibilities to seamlessly expand worlds, provide new experiences and interact with players in live events.


Although Christopher has not ended up using his college Biology and German professionally, he did end up meeting his future wife in Germany (he considers this to have been a win).  Attending pitch meetings, technology conventions, consulting and technical training provided Christopher with the opportunity to travel and interact with developers around the world (including South Korean, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and all over the US).


Joining TGS has allowed him to continue to evolve the technology he has been working on for nearly two decades as he believes the market should have better options for the development of 3D applications and games.  Much like the explosive expansion of “apps” with the advent of the iPhone and its marketplace, the possibilities for 3D applications whether for games or work are exciting as TGS makes them more accessible and easier to create.


The same drive that drove him to teach himself computer science continues to motivate him to continually evolve and pick up new things.  An avid reader, Christopher consumes a vast number of books ranging from Science Fiction to Technical Books on whatever new technology seems to be interesting.