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Alexander Boyrazian joined TGS Tech in early 2023, bringing with him over a decade of experience in the game development industry. Specializing in 3D engine development and real-time rendering architecture, he is a seasoned expert in OpenGL, DirectX, and Vulkan technologies, contributing significantly to the advancement of Apex Engine.


Beyond his role at TGS Tech, Alexander is the founder and president of Gajatix Studios, a UK-based software group and its innovative Bright Engine and Bright Life technologies. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Alexander is actively engaged in the investing community, serving as an analyst at The Motley Fool UK, where he provides insightful guidance across multiple Premium services.


Alexander's academic background is as impressive as his professional accomplishments. He holds a BEng in Aerospace Engineering and an MSc in Investment Management from the University of Swansea, where he earned recognition for outstanding performance in both disciplines. Furthermore, he has successfully completed the Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 exam, underscoring his multidisciplinary expertise and commitment to excellence.


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