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New Collaboration Between Idea Fabrik and TGS Tech

A Collaborative effort between Idea Fabrik and TGS Tech: MetaEngine

2021 12 20 tgs if me 01In partnership with Idea Fabrik, Alex Shalash's metaEngine, established in 2021, introduces the development of a groundbreaking cloud-based development environment. 

In 2009, Alex Shalash founded Idea Fabrik, earlier this year, he launched the metaEngine company, a pioneering idea in the gaming industry. Collaborating with TGS Tech, the project aims to merge P3D and HeroEngine, laying the groundwork for a tailored white label license agreement. On Oct 5, 2021 Idea Fabrik and TGS finalized the agreement to move forward. 

MetaEngine, founded in September, 2021 by Alex Shalash,  will offer developers a cloud-based environment, integrating MMO game engine capabilities, core blockchain functions, and decentralized publishing. If this sounds familiar, it is. However, it will focus on blockchain and allow developers and users to create, sell and trade NFT’s.

MetaEngine, a brainchild of Alex Shalash, is poised to redefine game development by offering an integrated suite that combines an MMO game engine, blockchain functionality, and decentralized publishing. This ambitious platform aims to empower 3D blockchain and NFT developers worldwide, allowing them to focus solely on content creation using advanced HeroEngine and P3D technologies. A key promise from MetaEngine is the liberation of games from regional constraints through its decentralized publishing feature, ensuring global accessibility. The platform goes beyond by providing comprehensive support for Guilds, gamer analytics, and innovative DeFi elements, accessible 24/7 from any location.

Alex Shalash envisions a future where creativity flourishes without bounds, breaking free from traditional restrictions. By fostering collaboration and eliminating geographical barriers, MetaEngine transforms the landscape of game development. The collaboration between TGS Tech and Idea Fabrik signifies a dedicated commitment to advancing technology, heralding a transformative era in the gaming industry. The partnership sets the stage for an inclusive and unrestricted ecosystem that promises to shape the future of gaming.

TGS Tech, founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2019, is a Maryland-based company dedicated to fostering creativity through gamification. Specializing in technical infrastructure, it prioritizes innovation, quality, and adaptability. As a dynamic development team, TGS Tech guides projects from high-level concepts to detailed implementation, emphasizing future-proof assets. Their mission is to streamline the transition from design to post-production, saving time and resources for clients and ensuring a robust return on investment. Personalized support underscores their commitment to individualized assistance in the rapidly evolving realms of technology and development.

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