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TGS Tech: Repopulation Partnership Conclusion

TGS Tech: TGS Tech: Repopulation Partnership Conclusion

2023 01 11 repopclose 01As the holiday season concludes and we usher in the new year, TGS Tech is undergoing a directional shift, mirroring the transformative nature of the upcoming year. Regrettably, we announce the conclusion of our association with The Repopulation. Our privileged involvement, dating back to its early developmental phases, has reached its conclusion with the termination of our Development Agreement with Idea Fabrik.

Over the years, we've observed the skill and commitment of numerous individuals who contributed significantly to the project. We extend our sincere gratitude to the writers, GMs, QA members, public testers, players and all those who played pivotal roles in the game's development.

It is with a sense of regret that we convey the challenging reality that, despite the determined efforts of our team, sustaining The Repopulation is not feasible despite our utmost endeavors. The past few years have posed challenges for everyone involved, and we are appreciative of those who supported us during this time.

Originally, we had planned several updates to address the encountered issues and aimed to rejuvenate the game on an upgraded platform. However, negotiations with Idea Fabrik regarding various business matters did not reach a resolution.

Therefore, we must announce the conclusion of our involvement with The Repopulation. TGS operates as a contractor and does not hold ownership of the game. Consequently, we lack the authority to suspend sales or issue refunds—powers exclusively held by Idea Fabrik. The game's Facebook and Twitter accounts will transition to Idea Fabrik, and any future inquiries should be directed to them.

While Idea Fabrik may explore the possibility of remastering the game with another company, details about its plans remain undisclosed. Consequently, the server, website, and Discord server will go offline on 2023/01/13. The status of The Repopulation's availability on the Steam platform also awaits clarification from Idea Fabrik.

We acknowledge the shared disappointment in being unable to overcome the challenges faced by The Repopulation. Our team invested years of hard work and dedication, sincerely hoping for the game's success. Despite our best efforts, we recognize that this news is disheartening. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this difficult decision, and thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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