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TGS Tech Expands Presence in Maryland and DC

TGS Tech Expands Eastward: New Offices in Maryland and Washington, D.C., Eyeing Official Incorporation

2019 01 18 dcimage01In a move to strengthen our East Coast presence, TGS Tech, a leading tech innovator, has officially announced the opening of new offices in Maryland and Washington, D.C. While the company initially set foot in Maryland in March 2016, this strategic expansion marks a significant step towards solidifying our position in these thriving technology hubs. Picking up four new engineers in 2016, and two more in 2018, the prospect and benefits of incorporating in Maryland are advantageous. The acquisition of four new engineers in 2016 and an additional two in 2018 underscores the promise and advantages of incorporating in Maryland.

TGS Tech aims to be officially registered as a Maryland company by the end of the year, signaling our commitment to market diversification and excellence in the tech industry. The decision to establish a physical presence in these locations aligns with the company's focus on integrity, creativity, and adaptability in the rapidly evolving tech sector.


Unveiling New Offices to Harness Tech Talent and Foster Collaboration

The move is not only about reaching new clientele but also about tapping into the rich pool of tech talent in Maryland and Washington, D.C. By setting up offices in these regions, TGS Tech seeks to attract skilled professionals and foster collaborations with local tech enterprises, capitalizing on the unprecedented growth in the technology sector.

This strategic expansion is poised to enhance customer engagement by bringing TGS Tech closer to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company looks forward to building stronger relationships with existing clients while establishing connections with new partners and customers.

TGS Tech's journey from Michigan into Maryland and Washington, D.C., reflects our dedication to contributing to the thriving tech landscapes of these dynamic regions. The company anticipates that this move will propel it to new heights in the ever-evolving world of technology, reinforcing our commitment to integrity, creativity, and excellence.

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