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TGS & Remote Collaboration

A Step Ahead: Our Approach to Remote Collaboration

In the dynamic world of business, we've found strength and innovation by adapting to change as it unfolds. At TGS, our journey into remote collaboration unfolded organically around 2007, a subtle shift that became the cornerstone of our team's global expansion. Our commitment to remote work allowed us to discover the untapped potential of a diverse and global workforce.

Before the rest of the world realized the significance of remote work, we had already reimagined the traditional office model. Our forward-thinking approach to remote hiring began as a strategic initiative driven by a desire to tap into a diverse talent pool uninhibited by geographical boundaries. We were unaware that this early effort had become the backbone of our business and our resilience during unforeseen hurdles. 

Prior to the pandemic, areas where technology fell short, we took charge, developing solutions like HeroEngine, remote project management systems, and the soon-to-be Apex Engine. By 2020, as the pandemic swept across the globe, creating an urgent need for remote access, our established virtual office for all remote staff proved invaluable. Collaborative tools from industry leaders like Zoom and Google further elevated our productivity. Our pre-established remote work practices became our refuge when the world faced unprecedented challenges. 

As organizations grappled with rethinking their operational models, we stood resilient. The groundwork we had laid for remote hiring became our strength, allowing us to transition our operations seamlessly. Though spread across different time zones, our team embraced the virtual workplace, ensuring productivity remained uninterrupted. Despite physical distances, our team felt connected and well-informed.

Some find remote work controversial, often stating concerns of decreased collaboration, potential isolation, and challenges in monitoring productivity. While their concerns are understandable we find that the most valuable assets are our employees. 

Because of this, the insight we gained over several years helped us recognize that these challenges are easily overcome. Allowing our staff to work remotely wasn't solely about achieving balance; it was a strategic decision that boosted productivity and improved the quality of their work. 

Our commitment to a virtual workforce and our product's global collaboration capabilities continue to empower us to harness the richness of international talent. Innovation knows no boundaries, and by embracing talent from around the world, we foster a diverse and dynamic work culture that drives creativity and excellence.

As we continue to pioneer the future of remote work, we invite like-minded individuals to join our journey. At TGS, our story is one of foresight, adaptability, and a commitment to building a workplace that knows no bounds. A hybrid workplace, including remote work, is not just a strategy for us; it's a testament to our belief in the power of real-time collaboration. Join us as we redefine the future of collaboration, one virtual connection at a time with Apex Engine. 

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