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User Interface Overhaul

TGS Tech Initiates Overhaul of The Repopulation's GUI System

2021 07 gui repop 01TGS Tech team embarks on a technical odyssey to redesign and improve the game user interface (GUI) and item systems in The repopulation. This ambitious project focuses on overhauling the existing GUI, paving the way for a more streamlined, responsive, and player-centric experience.

When we acquired the development contract for The repopulation, the existing item system presented a complex challenge due to its fragmented nature. Multiple systems handled different item types, reflecting the diverse contributions of various developers and scripters over time. Despite the apparent messiness, this complexity provided valuable insights and a foundational base to reimagine the system for greater efficiency.


Designing a Unified System:
The primary objective is to create a unified item system that not only simplifies the development process for TGS Tech but also enhances the gameplay experience for players. This necessitates a meticulous design process that begins with classifying items into a hierarchy—Classification, Subclass, Type, and the item itself. This hierarchical structure lays the groundwork for a more organized and optimized item architecture.

Building the User Experience (UX) Tool:
A critical component of this endeavor is the development of a new UX tool for developers and world builders. This tool serves as a bridge between the primary item system and its sub-systems, enabling faster and more intuitive item creation. Leveraging HeroEngine's glom feature, the team ensures that only relevant data is included in the compiler, minimizing overhead and optimizing the system.

Streamlining Item Creation:
The redesigned item system aims to offer three key benefits: swift item creation, seamless updates to merchant inventories, and the ability to gift items to players effortlessly. The new process reduces the time spent on creating and updating items from hours to mere minutes, empowering developers to focus more on the creative aspects of game design.

Facing Technical Challenges:
Two significant challenges loom on the technical horizon. First, the dynamic conversion of items from the old to the new system is intricate due to numerous hardcoded scripts and diverse item creation methods. Second, the consolidation of over 5,000 currently used items, each employing a unique approach, demands careful attention.


As the TGS Tech team navigates through these technical intricacies, the goal remains clear: to deliver a revolutionary Item System that not only meets the demands of modern game development but also enhances the gameplay experience for their dedicated player community. The journey continues, promising a future where item systems are not just functional but are at the forefront of innovation.

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