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From Internship to Engineering Role: Welcoming Our Newest Team Member

2024 01 24 office hire alexanderWe’re thrilled to announce the return of Zaven Alexander Boyrazian to our development team. Having collaborated with TGS through an internship over a decade ago, Alexander was involved with numerous projects, exploring technical artistry to programming. His dedication and proficiency in 3D modelling and programming quickly made him an integral part of our creative process.


The first explainer video for Apex Engine is a testament to Alexander's exceptional voice work. His ability to infuse energy and enthusiasm into the narration adds a unique and engaging dimension to the content, which he brings to the entire team.


Beyond attaining multiple degrees, including a Master's in investment management and a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering, Alexander utilised his expertise to advance his development house, Gajatix Studios. Currently, he is engaged in the creation and development of a 3D procedural flora generation program called Bright Life.


His knowledge and experience will be invaluable to help propel and accelerate the development of Apex Engine - the world’s most powerful real-time collaborative game development platform. "We're excited to have Alexander join us in a more permanent capacity," says Sarrene' Miller. "His talent and positive attitude have truly elevated our projects, and we can't wait to see what more he will bring to the table as part of our growing team."


As we welcome Alexander into this new role, let's celebrate the accomplishments that have brought us to this point. We're excited about the inspiring contributions he'll bring to the TGS team and his unique, innovative approach to the Apex Engine Project.

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