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ArcGIS Experience Builder: Empowering Developers Update 1.13

ArcGIS Experience Builder: Empowering Developers Update

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In the latest release of ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition (version 1.13), developers now have access to enhanced features and functionalities to expedite the creation and extension of no-low code web apps. Released on November 16, 2023, this update introduces several notable additions.

One significant improvement is the inclusion of an Analysis widget that supports both built-in and custom geoprocessing tools. Additionally, developers can now edit related records and execute pop-up actions. The update also grants administrators the privilege to view and edit all applications within the organization, a departure from the previous limitation where only app owners had such access.

The version 1.13 release further streamlines the development process by incorporating commonly used setting components, such as SettingRow, SettingSection, and MultipleJimuMapConfig, in Storybook. This allows developers to seamlessly integrate these components into their widgets.

The introduction of new style setting components, like TextStyle and SizeEditor, brings enhanced customization options to developers. Features like Scrollable and ScrollList empower developers to create interfaces where users can easily scroll through items or text.

For offline deployment, the update includes a web.config file that simplifies the process by configuring default deployment settings for the web server. Notably, this file now incorporates ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript settings, enhancing the deployment of both experiences and the SDK.

Two new topics have been added to the documentation: "Importing existing apps and templates" focuses on collaboration by explaining how developers can import apps or templates from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, and the "Save, preview, and publish" topic details the Draft, Published, and Unpublished changes statuses when working on apps in the builder environment.

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