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FMOD 2.02.03 update brings new functionality

FMOD 2.02.03 Update Brings New Functionality

2021 09 06 fmod image 01Whether you are an AVI Creator or a game developer, FMOD has released an update that many have been waiting for, including some new features and enhancements. FMOD Studio has released a feature-packed update in its latest version, promising enhanced functionality and improved user experience. The update, marked as version 2.02.03, introduces various features, fixes, and improvements across FMOD Studio, FMOD Studio API, and FMOD Core API. Click  for their YouTube video!

FMOD Studio:
In the most recent FMOD Studio update scripting improvements were introduced, including readBinary and writeBinary file functions, optimizing workflow. Drag-and-drop functionality for assets, enhanced plugin querying, labeled controls, and submenus in the mixer strip elevate the user experience. Numerous bug fixes address crashes, distorted audio, and GUI issues, ensuring a smoother workflow. The update reflects FMOD's commitment to providing audio professionals with a stable, efficient environment, covering both feature enhancements and bug resolutions for an enhanced audio development experience.

FMOD Studio API Enhancements for Unity and Unreal
In the FMOD Studio API update introduces valuable features for Unity and Unreal users. In Unity, streamlined default value setting and an IsInitialized property enhance usability. For Unreal (UE4.26 on), integration setup improvements and command-line asset generation are notable additions. The update also focuses on robustness, addressing buffer overflow concerns, automation issues, and volume spikes in multi instruments. Fixes in Unity integration range from eliminating errors to improving library compatibility. These refinements align with FMOD's commitment to providing a stable and seamless audio development environment, catering to both system resilience and integration efficiency

FMOD Engine 2.00:
The FMOD Engine 2.00 release introduces significant features, including support for global parameters and mixer automation. Global parameters, such as 'time of day' or 'wind speed,' can now be controlled through the System parameter API, offering a shared value across all instances. The Studio parameter API undergoes a major update, replacing indices with IDs for stability during dynamic changes. The addition of a global parameter API and flags for parameter information enhances the robustness and flexibility of parameter handling. These improvements contribute to a more streamlined and powerful audio development experience in FMOD Studio 2.00.

FMOD Core API includes Opus Codec Customization
FMOD Core API new update introduces customizable Opus codec counts, expanding user control beyond the previous limit of 128. Notable additions include ACM convolution reverb support for PS5 and XDSP convolution reverb support for Scarlett hardware on GameCore. WinSonic gains recording support for Windows, GameCore, and Xbox One. The update prioritizes stability, addressing codec registration concerns, preventing convolution reverb crashes, and resolving potential audio corruption issues. Enhanced platform support, including automatic device switching on Linux and fixes for Android-related restarts and data requests, ensures a smoother and more reliable audio development experience.

Recap Reminder: Back in December of 2020, FMOD made FMOD Studio free for indie developers again if you earn less than $200k USD a year. They announced on December 5th, just in time for Christmas, that not only would it be free for independent studios, but they were also removing the 1 title per year limit.

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