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Summit Supercomputer Holds Ground

Summit Supercomputer Holds Ground as Second Most Powerful Globally 

2021 07 19 OakRidge 01The Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory stands as the reigning champion in the United States and secures the second spot globally in the prestigious TOP500 list. Developed by IBM, Summit's supremacy persisted from June 2018 to November 2019, contributing to the U.S. Department of Energy's dominance in high-performance computing.

Despite facing formidable competition, Summit's enduring prowess underscores the United States' commitment to pushing the boundaries of computational power. It's not alone in this endeavor, as the U.S. Department of Energy now claims two of the top three and three of the top five supercomputers globally.

A notable newcomer to the TOP500 list is Perlmutter, securing the fifth position. Located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, Perlmutter showcases the nation's dedication to advancing supercomputing capabilities.

China, a perennial player in the high-performance computing arena, maintains a significant presence with 186 systems on the TOP500 list. Although this count has decreased from previous tallies, the United States, with 123 systems, surpasses China in aggregate performance, underscoring the quality and efficiency of American supercomputers.

The competition for computational supremacy continues to drive innovation and technological advancement on a global scale. As Summit holds its ground and new contenders emerge, the landscape of high-performance computing remains dynamic, setting the stage for future breakthroughs and discoveries. Stay tuned as the pursuit of computational excellence unfolds in the evolving world of supercomputing.

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