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Apex Dev Log: February-March Apex Progress

Apex Development Log: February-March Apex Progress

2024 01 01 DevLog intro 01This February, our team at TGS Tech made significant strides in the development of the Apex Engine, focusing on preparing, refining, and documenting various components crucial to the project.

Each of these tasks brings us closer to creating a versatile and powerful engine that will drive the next generation of 3D interactive applications across various industries. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Apex Engine. Here’s a look at what we accomplished:


Continuing Apex Prototype Development
We kicked off the month by laying the groundwork to resume the development of the Apex Prototype. This preparation involved updating and setting strategic goals to ensure the project's smooth progression in the coming months.


Staff Training and Server Preparation
Our team underwent training on the legacy cluster (baremetal) while also starting the preparatory work for transitioning to the new cloud servers. This dual focus ensures that our staff are well-versed in our existing infrastructure and ready to leverage the capabilities of advanced cloud technology.


System Maintenance Routine
Monthly backups were successfully completed, ensuring the security and availability of our data across all projects, including the Apex Engine development.


Client Account Management
The AMS client account creation system was enhanced, and we finalized the base structure for groups and organizations, streamlining how users interact with our services. A sample of what we have designed and finalized: 

  • Users and User types
  • User permissions
  • Product Types
  • Product ownership classes
  • Groups and group types
  • Group Permissions
  • Ownership settings
  • World Permissions settings
  • Developer Permission settings
  • Custom Permission settings


Apex3D Animation Editor Developments
Significant progress was made on the Apex3D Animation Editor, with the completion of the UX/UI Prototype developed in C++ and Python. This tool is essential for creating intuitive and user-friendly animation workflows within the engine. More work to be done as other systems are ready for integrations and adjustments.

  • Asset Extension Testing: We conducted basic but comprehensive tests on the Apex3D extension format for assets, crucial for ensuring compatibility and performance efficiency across different systems within the engine. This area will require more work once we progress further along in the development of the Apex Prototype.
  • Apex Prototype Development Initiatives: Development of the Apex Prototype officially began, accompanied by additional documentation efforts. These documents cover design integrations, necessary code changes, and required render adjustments, all aimed at refining the prototype’s functionality and user experience.
  • Core Animation Editor Groundwork and UX Developments: The base build of the Apex3D Animation Editor was completed, marking a significant milestone in providing robust tools for content creators within the Apex Engine ecosystem.


Middleware and Tools Review
We reviewed the remaining middleware and tools required for the Apex Engine, ensuring that every component integrates seamlessly and aligns with our overall design goals.



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