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Apex Dev Log: March-April Updates-Security Focus

Apex Development Log: March-April Updates with Security Focus

2024 01 01 DevLog intro 01

March saw notable advancements in the development of the Apex Prototype. Besides producing and releasing a video, our efforts were concentrated on enhancing the engine's security and functionality. This included significant upgrades to the terrain editing features.

Furthermore, we dedicated attention to reinforcing the security of our engine and servers, and we also systematically improved server and web operations, along with other associated assets..


Web Analytics Development
A new analytics module was developed to track and analyze site traffic more effectively, aiding in the optimization of user engagement and resource allocation.


Terrain System Enhancements
Progress was achieved in the Apex Prototype’s terrain system development:

  • In-editor method for creating blank heightmaps, increasing usability. 
  • Customizable brushes, with plans to add advanced sculpting tools like noise and erosion. 
  • Enhancements which will allow for a broad range of terrain designs, catering to diverse project requirements.


Project Upgrade Feature
Responding to user feedback from prior development, a critical feature was implemented allowing projects to automatically upgrade to the latest engine version, eliminating compatibility issues. These feature will ensure: 

  • Projects created on older versions are seamlessly updated to the current version upon loading, 
  • providing a hassle-free experience for users,
  • Providing backward compatibility for up to 12 months, 
  • Design of a managed automated changelog to assist with code and system changes and compatibility.


Performance Optimizations
Efforts to optimize performance included rewriting default test shaders to be more efficient, laying the groundwork for:

  • Instanced and replication rendering to reduce memory usage and overhead,
  • Optimizing data flow between the CPU and GPU,
  • Reduced data throughput by approximately 25% and lowered average CPU usage by about 3.5%.

These updates will collectively enhance the Apex Prototype's capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technology, ready to meet the evolving needs of various industries utilizing 3D interactive technologies.

Security and System Updates
This month, our team went beyond routine updates to significantly strengthen our security measures. We fortified the servers by updating and integrating a sophisticated mix of modules and languages, enhancing our security protocols substantially. This comprehensive approach not only secures access but also streamlines interactions. We conducted extensive updates and hardening of all security modules to enhance server protection robustly.

  • Expanded our server analytics capabilities, enabling more detailed monitoring and threat detection.
  • Upgraded Apache, Microsoft and Security systems, which has markedly improved our server performance and compatibility with contemporary web technologies.
  • Improvements to maintaining cutting-edge functionality, we updated critical web components.
  • Web Ops updates that not only refine user interaction but also ensure our compliance with the latest GDPR standards, safeguarding user data and enhancing privacy measures for websites and the engine. 


Produced and released Prototype Introduction Video
We released our first introduction video for the Apex Engine, showcasing its key features and the prototype. The video highlights the engine's advanced real-time rendering and collaboration capabilities, demonstrating its potential to enhance immersive 3D experiences across various industries like gaming and architecture.

  • Recorded and produced our first introduction video for Apex Engine showing off features, industries and snippets of the Apex Prototype in action. 
  • Launched the video on site and on social media.


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