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Apex Dev Log: Introducing Our Monthly Update Series

Apex Development Log: Introducing Our Monthly Update Series

2024 01 01 DevLog intro 01Welcome to the inaugural post of our new Development Update section! This is the first in a series of monthly updates where we aim to keep you informed about the ongoing progress, discoveries, and challenges in our development journey. Each month, we'll share insights ranging from significant breakthroughs to more granular updates on our research and development testing, as well as the solutions we've devised for the complications we've encountered along the way.

In this first article, we delve into the last six months of intensive re-design processes and research and development activities. This period has been crucial for setting the groundwork and defining the milestones that will guide our efforts over the next three years. Our team has been hard at work, not only enhancing existing frameworks but also pioneering new strategies to improve our technology and outputs.

As we move forward, these updates will serve as a transparent log of our advancements and a window into the mechanics of our operation. Whether it's a major overhaul or incremental improvements, we're excited to share these developments with you, providing a clear view of our progress and the hurdles we overcome in real time. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in our field.

This summary encapsulates the multidimensional efforts involved in the design, development, and implementation phases at TGS Tech throughout 2023. It highlights the intricate processes and meticulous planning required to meet and exceed industry standards in software and game development, showcasing a year of significant progress and foundational advancements.

Industry Impact Research
The team conducted thorough research to document the potential impact of the Apex Engine across various sectors, including gaming, architecture, and education. This research detailed how advanced features of the Apex Engine could benefit each sector, showcasing its versatility.

In-depth research documented the potential impact of the Apex Engine across various industries, including game development, architecture, smart city projects, and education, detailing how each sector could benefit from its advanced capabilities. This holistic approach not only addressed immediate development needs but also set the stage for future innovations and applications of the Apex Engine.


R&D Testing and Middleware Comparison
Efforts were made to develop alternate versions for testing and data research, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and extensive testing in delivering a robust product. This process highlighted the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Visual and Functional Interface Design
In 2023, the team meticulously designed and documented visual aspects for both the launcher and client, establishing cohesive color palettes and icon schemes for the Apex Engine. These efforts ensured that the interfaces were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing across different platforms.

The process of developing and implementing visual and functional aspects of software interfaces involved multiple facets of design and documentation. Initially, the team designed the visual layout for both the launcher and client, including crafting and documenting color pallet schemes for the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). This also extended to creating visual and icon schemes specifically tailored for the Apex Engine, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing interface across all platforms.

Technical Requirement Documentation
The foundation for the project included detailed documentation of requirements for the launcher and client app. Modal layouts for the client UI were created, along with prototype mock-ups for the engine's interface, which facilitated intuitive navigation and user interaction.

Core Development and Testing
Development activities extended to complex areas like the Apex3D model and animation asset format. Initial code reviews identified necessary updates, and components such as the Apex3D Asset viewer and Animation Editor were compiled into functional executables. Rigorous functionality testing with multiple assets ensured the reliability of these tools.

Apex3D Groundwork
Development extended into more complex realms such as the Apex3D animation editor, where initial code reviews were conducted to pinpoint necessary updates. The team progressed to compile essential components like the Apex3D Asset viewer and Animation Editor into working executables, alongside conducting rigorous tests to ensure functionality across multiple assets. Each step was meticulously documented to guide further enhancements and integrations. We still have work ahead of us, but it is nice to see a functional set of tools!

Data Security and System Updates
Comprehensive backups were conducted for critical data, including the MySql AMS Database and various server files, to offsite storage locations. Regular updates and security patches were applied to servers to maintain system integrity and performance.

Website Redesign and Server Compatibility
The TGS Tech website was redesigned to reflect a modern and clean aesthetic, aligned with the latest web standards. All server and web packages were updated to be compatible with new AWS server configurations.

Network Configuration for Global Services
Extensive planning was undertaken for the network design and configuration of TGS Tech's international services, executed within AWS environments. This included the installation of necessary licenses and the detailed outlining of the Game Design Documents (GDD) for the Apex Engine.


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